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Protective Masks

Our protective face masks are loose-fitting, disposable devices that create a physical barrier between the wearer and potential contaminants in their immediate environment. The FDA certified face masks will help keep you and your employees safe while doing your essential work.


Face Shields

Our optically clear face shields made by
approved manufacture effectively blocks 
chemical, dust, and the evaporation of micro- and nanometre-sized droplets. The shields intended to protect the wearer’s partial or entire face from contaminants in their immediate environment, as well as protect others from the wearer’s own contaminants.

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Mouth Covers

Our disposable, optically clear mouth covers are intended to cover the wearer’s mouth to protect them and others from contaminants. Mouth cover shield covers from chin to nose to prevent droplets from spreading. Popularly used by commercial industry by food handlers, restaurants & bars, and hospitality industry. 


Isolation Gowns

Our disposable, protective isolation gowns completely cover your whole body and protect wearers from contaminants in their immediate environment. Design and manufactured to meet AAMI Level I isolation gown standard is soft and comfortable yet helps your staff to reduces exposure risks.   


Sneeze guard Partition

High quality and fully customized acrylic barriers providing a layer of protection for your staff and customers. Various mounting options are available to fit your business.

We are here for overcome this special ti

We salute all frontliners!

We are here for overcoming this special time to help keep your employees, customers and work environment safe. ​Please click through the links above to view Personal Protection (PPE) items, such as masks, face shields, mouth covers, gowns, partitions, displays, signage as well as other accessories for your business may need during these unprecedented times.

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